Government Projects

School Internal Audit Portal for Maharashtra State

Developed a web application to streamline the internal auditing process for 86,000 schools within Maharashtra. Over 100 auditors used this platform to ensure transparency and accountability in the education system.

Live Dashboard
Provided real-time data visualization for state administrators to monitor school performance. Real-time Tracking: Enabled the tracking of audits in progress, enhancing transparency.

User Management
Implemented role-based access for auditors and administrators in line with the state's organizational structure.

Individual Panel
Seperate Panel for all schools to Fill and Upload their data.

Reports Section
Facilitated the creation and distribution of detailed reports, aiding data-driven decision-making for educational improvements.

Infrastructure Project Evaluation Platform for Maharashtra State

Designed a comprehensive web platform for the evaluation of infrastructure projects in Maharashtra, encompassing bid management, assessment, user management, and a dynamic dashboard to support the state's infrastructure development goals.

Bid Management
Streamlined the project bidding process, improving transparency in project procurement.

Evaluation Criteria
Ensured transparent and consistent project evaluation based on tender criteria.

User Management
Implemented roles and permissions for project stakeholders to align with the government's project management structure.

Provided real-time updates and data presentation for informed decision-making by state authorities.

Results Based on Tender Criteria
Clearly defined scoring and project ranking, furthering the state's development objectives.

Annuity Payment Calculator for Maharashtra State

Developed a website for calculating annuity payments to contractors based on the terms specified in the concession agreements within Maharashtra, supporting the state's public-private partnership initiatives.

Annuity Calculation
Simplified complex payment calculations, ensuring accurate payments to contractors in adherence to the state's agreements.

Concession Agreement
Adhered to contract terms and agreement conditions to comply with Maharashtra State Government regulations.

User Management
Provided secure access for authorized personnel involved in contract management.

Integration with Infrastructure Platform
Ensured synergy with the infrastructure project evaluation system for streamlined state infrastructure management.